About Ed

This is the part where I explain who I am and what I’m doing

So, I’m Ed. I have a lot of various interests, such as Movies, Music, Photography, Tech, Food, Politics, and Comedy.

I like to think my interests are both varied and not unique. Everything I like might not be for everybody, but I like to think I can share something with everybody. I would like to find where my interests overlap with yours, whoever you may be.

I graduated with a degree in Cinema from San Francisco State. While I enjoy film making, it doesn’t quite pay any bills the way I’ve been doing it, and I don’t know if I’m into changing the way I do it. On Monday, February 6th, I start my first ‘real’ job at the Department of Motor Vehicles in San Mateo. Since I live in El Cerrito, that’s a 45 minute commute each way, not considering the effect of bad traffic. So, unless I want to drive through a lot of bumper to bumper traffic, I have to get there really early, and leave really late. I expect to find the work mind-numbingly boring, but it’s a check, and it’ll help me erase my student debts.

I created this blog for a number of reasons, the most imperative being that I wanted to have something to do in the hours I’m in San Mateo but not at work. I want to keep my toe in the creative waters I damn near drowned in. But more than that, I wanted to have a place to share my work, my thoughts and ideas.

At first, I expect this blog to be a kind of therapy for me, but, as time goes on, I hope it will become something greater. Something that not only has meaning for me, but also has meaning for you. I don’t know if I’ll make it there, but I wont if I don’t try.

EdSoft Films Manifesto

Seems like a lot of film movements and groups have manifestos. EdSoft Films is me, and I’m most likely not a film movement, but I still think I need a manifesto to keep this blog on the right track. So, in no particular order:

  • Write about everything
  • Enjoy more of everything
  • Try not to get discouraged
  • Blog every day
  • Make one radio show a week
  • Make one short video a week
  • Write one longer post a week
  • Share photos you take
  • Add old content to this new blog
  • You can sleep when you’re dead
  • Don’t forget to sleep

What to expect from this blog

Daily posts about the stuff I do, including the stuff I watch, listen to, and read. Three weekly features: An hour long radio program, a 1-3 minute video, and a more thought out post. Observations about my new job. Either brief or long reviews of feature films I see. Either brief or long reviews of stuff I have to pay for. Collections of photos I’ve taken.

One thought on “About Ed”

  1. Hey Ed Accentuate the positive, and forget about the negative. (Not the film negative, of course) Keep on keeping on.

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