This is getting harder every day

A high speed chase ended at the exit I use to go to work. I guess, at least, it’s better because it happened in the middle of the night.

Seems like you rarely hear about high speed chases involving Volvos. Apparently the car rolled several times, and the guy survived with minor injuries. I guess if you have to be in a high speed chase, why not do it in one of those excessively safe European cars. Just seems like it’d be embarrassing when they arrest you.

Forgot to bring my laptop today, good thing my phone does most of the tasks I require.

If I’m going to keep coming to this Starbucks every day, I should see about getting one of those gold card things. What’s the deal with that? You have to spend a certain amount? Every month or what?

Speaking of coffee, I’ve always had this problem where caffeine doesn’t quite wake me up or keep me awake. In fact I suspect it even makes me more tired sometimes. What’s up with that? If that is the case, does anybody else recommend any caffeine alternatives? Anybody who recommends 5 Hour Energy is getting stabbed in the eyes.

Sorry if I’m a little cranky. This sleep situation is catching up with me. I’ve always had this problem where I can’t force myself to sleep, especially when it’s important that I do so. Anyone have any tricks for fixing that?

It occurs to me that this whole website is rather self-centered. I guess, to a certain extent, it needs to be, but maybe that doesn’t make for the most interesting posts. Conundrums. I’ll continue to try and improve. At this stage, I think it’s more important that I keep writing regularly than what I actually write about. When I rebuild my writing skills, then I can worry about making posts interesting.

More to come later, for now, I gotta go to work.

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