Sunday #6

So is that it? 4 weeks of committed posting and I’ve given up already?

No! I can’t succumb to that. I must persist.

I think daylight savings time is the major reason I’ve been flaking the last 2 weeks. Here’s to hoping I can go back to the way it was before this week.

I do have a lot to cover now. In addition to finishing the KECG post, I have now seen 4 movies I haven’t written about yet. For reference, those are Metropolis, Casa de mi Padre, John Carter, and now The Lorax. I have an idea about how to cover those films. Let’s see if I can pull everything off next week.

Another thing that’s happening is I’ve got to process more stuff for Tom in addition to working full time. Will this slow my contributions to my blog? Or will it actually encourage me to write more? We’ll find out soon.

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