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Radio Edsoft Films # 93.11 – Ed’s 2021 Yule Tide Mix

Merry Christmas!

1Streets of Gold (REMIX)  The Brothers C. Berry3:33
2karma  Shiro Sagisu2:56
3FACE OF THE JESUS  Bob Schneider / Max Frost3:19
4Oh Tengo Suerte  Masayoshi Takanaka3:04
5Back On the Chain Gang  Pretenders3:45
6Downtown (uptempo)  Anna Taylor Joy3:23
7Cherry Wine Nas (Feat. Amy Winehouse) 5:53
8Cosmic Feeling  Flamingosis3:43
9White Winter Hymnal  Jesca Hoop2:16
10The Only Thing I Would Wish For  Angela Bofill3:07
11Kusuri o Takusan (So Many Medicines) Taeko Ōnuki4:00
12Amor Califas  Bang Data2:27
13Net Rush  SEATBELTS2:01
14(There’s) Always Something There To Remind Me  Sandie Shaw1:16
15I’ve Got a Feeling (Savile Row)  The Beatles2:40
16We Do It But Never Know Why  The Go! Team3:53
17La Japonaise  Banda Magda2:50
18Ballad of the Wind Fish (Shore Version) Ryo Nagamatsu1:21
19New Years Eve (11:55 p.m.) Animal Crossing Band1:47
20Happy New Year!  Animal Crossing Band0:17
21New Years Eve (12:00 a.m.) Animal Crossing Band1:45
22Jarreau of Rap (Skatt Attack) Nas (feat. Al Jarreau & Keyon Harrold)3:14
23Balls Sparks4:20
24Get Off the Internet  Le Tigre2:14
25Being Gone  Todd Herfindal0:19
26Goodnight, Paloma  Serene Neon1:17
27River Run  Network Music Ensemble1:01
28Sourire Mito MMZ1:23
29Per L’eternita (Piano Version)  Ken Nishikiori4:02
30Peaceful Times (Radio EdSoft Films Outro) Miyagi Junko/Ice Cube0:48

keCg Fundraiser promo

Hi this is Ed from Radio EdSoft Films, you night owls may have heard my shows late in the evening. If you enjoyed those or any other shows on kecg then please take a moment to hear a bit about this station.

keCg has been broadcasting to the inner bay rim since 1978, bringing unique music and sounds of different cultures from the world for over 30 years.

As technology advances and becomes more personalized, allowing individuals to carry computers in their pockets with quick access to information and entertainment, we’ve become dependant on that technology to tell us where to go, what we want, what we like. It may help streamline our lives, but where is the spontaneity, the discovery when you hear something unexpected and wonderful. Something you wouldn’t have looked for because you didn’t know about it, and because the algorithm thought you wouldn’t like it.

To put it another way, these days FM radio can seem a little bit old.
But should things that are old be forgotten?
I don’t think that it should.

Listeners may not realize but our shows are curated and arranged by real people. There is time and care put into the playlists you hear and it’s our pleasure to tell you a story, take you on a journey, or sow seeds of inspiration in your hearts and minds. But such personally curated music will continue to struggle to stay on air without the help and support of our listeners.

keCg has been a big part of my life and opened my mind and ears to a world of music.
If we have also uplifted your life in even the smallest way, please consider supporting the station via direct donation at


We are currently running a fundraiser through January 8th, 2018. Donations go directly to the station via El Cerrito High School, and are tax-deductible. Alternatively, if you aren’t interested in donating over the internet, a good old fashioned check made payable to KECG can be mailed to

540 Ashbury Avenue,
STE B200,
El Cerrito, CA 94530.

Who says things that are old should be forgotten?

Have a happy new year.