Seriously, should I get a haircut or not?

Three Pannel Soul
Have people always had these feelings or are they products of our time?

Image above taken from Three Panel Soul.

Funny thing happened last weekend. It was a three day weekend, I had fun times, and even got a little creative work done. It seemed like a good balance of time spent for work and pleasure. And most interestingly, I didn’t think about my job once.

The trouble with that is, it made going back to work even worse. I remembered for one weekend what it was like to not have one of these shitty day jobs. I’m a few weeks from making it out of my probationary period and already I’m thinking about quitting. Of course, I can’t quit now. I just got a job three blocks from home.

That’s what I don’t understand, though. I’m doing the same job, around the corner from my house, yet I feel just about as tired as I felt when I was working in San Mateo.

It’s still a positive, this transfer to El Cerrito, I suppose. I’m certainly using less gasoline, spending less money. So why don’t I notice the two-to-four extra hours I’m not spending in rush hour traffic? Part of it is probably the overtime I have to take in this office, but that can’t account for all of it.

Maybe it’s because, while driving in those conditions was hellish, it was still me getting out in the world. I got to see the city every day, and usually the sunrise/sunset. I got to listen to music or podcasts for a good hour+ everyday. Now what do I do? Leisurely walk home and watch TV? Even with the best TV, that’s no good.

Tangentially, I could stand to do something to improve my health. I thought about trying swimming, but I tried that before. I tried ‘running,’ but a few shin splints here, a little sickness there, and how easy it becomes to abandon a routine.

How am I supposed to ever improve my health if the first steps cause crippling pain? The only way I can see it happening is if someone else pushes me, and at over 300 pounds, that’s hard to do. I know I’m not up to the task.

Oh, P.S.
I subscribed to this service called MoviePass, and I’ve had it a few weeks now, but I haven’t used it yet!

Part of the problem is, Fuck You, It’s January. But part of it is, simply, I’m either too tired or too depressed to find the motivation to do anything. At least by myself…

A theme is emerging in all the things I’ve been writing about here. A non-committal to anything. I can’t commit to my job, can’t commit to my health, can’t even commit to a place to go for lunch. I feel frozen in this zone of non- motivation. Running on autopilot, or on fumes.

I need to figure these problems out…

Sunday whatevers

Isabel's party at Sura
Bit wobbly in the middle
I’m pretty disappointed with myself right now.

I had an ideal day, according to Peter Gibbons from Office Space. I did nothing, and it was everything he would have hoped for. On top of this, the 49ers won, I had ice cream for dinner, and booze in my coke. I watched decent TV programs. I was not uncomfortable. I barely opened my mouth. Nothing important happened.

I hate that I’m content to do nothing all day, but not enough to get up and put clothes on. I fear that I would rather have a day like today than a day like yesterday.

Yesterday I had a small production meeting, wrote some emails, planned for the future, spent time with my family, went to a friends birthday party, had strangers (or at least strange people) in my car, ate exotic (for me) foods, stayed out past my bedtime, and played a multiplayer game with actual people.

Which day did I enjoy more? If I remove the day job from my point of view, how would I want to spend my time? I’m having a hard time deciding. Loneliness can be depressing, but is a little depression enough of a punishment to make me want to change? Is the chance for fun, companionship, and better (physical and mental) health enough of a carrot to get me out my front door?

The answer is, sadly, no.

Intellectually, I know I should be trying to have more days like yesterday. In my mind I know those days are more important. It’s good to seize the day, be creative, make friends. So I feel very guilty after a day like today makes me feel good inside. I don’t have the passion for nihilism that Peter Gibbons has, so I can’t really enjoy myself, but then I don’t have passion for much of anything anymore, so what’s the alternative?

I’d like to know more people but I don’t like people enough to get to know them.

I wish I could figure this out. I wish I could hit my head and have one of those lucky, prosperous brain injuries that would cure me of my inhibitions. I sure seem to beating myself up enough to cause a metaphorical concussion, and not of the brain-fixing kind. I suspect that has more to do with it than anything. It’s a depression. The biggest hindrance to myself is myself. Man, I wish I could kill that guy.

Dolly’ll Never Go Away Again

Hi folks.
There was some kind of DNS problem on the 1st when I tried to come back. Seems like it’s fixed itself somehow.

So much for my dramatic return.

Anyway, it’s time for me to get back on the wagon (I’m not sure if that’s the right analogy, but whatever). First of all, let me go over what’s happened since I last updated regularly.

When I first started this blog, I had a pretty consistent daily update pattern. Sure, it wasn’t all gold (was any of it?), but at least I had something up there every day. That is, until April 2nd, when I went to an SF Giants/Oakland A’s exhibition game. I was working in San Mateo at the time, and waking up incredibly early, spending a lot of time on the road. Staying up for a night game in San Francisco was ultimately too much for my routine. I never recovered. To this day.

Cold, Crowded, Bunch of people who don’t know what they’re doing…Kind of like the DMV.


The game, I think, just made it clear how tiring it was working in San Mateo. It was a lot of time on the road. Grateful as I was for their giving me the opportunity, I had to get out of there.
And I did.

Before I move on from here, let me share some moments from my time working in San Mateo, documented with Instagram. Some recurring themes: bad food, office stuff, travel grievances, and cups. After the break, it’s photoblog time. Continue reading Dolly’ll Never Go Away Again