So I’ve noticed that I appear to only dream when I get less sleep than I probably need.

Looking at the chart though, doesn’t seem like I missed all that much…

Sleep report for March 29-30, 2012
Sleep report for March 29-30, 2012

I neglect to mention, though, that I didn’t really get out of bed until closer to 6. I was sort of half asleep, checking the tweets. Pushing it as far as I can. Lucky for me, the traffic this morning was kind of a breeze, and I made it to San Mateo at about the same time I usually do, even though I left 30 minutes late. It’s probably gonna suck tonight…

I did have a dream. I’m not sure what to make of it, especially as the details fade, but here goes. I was walking down a street, and I found myself in some kind of health clinic. It kind of had a 1970s public institution vibe. Kind of what I imagine a methadone clinic to look like. Not exactly a great place. I go in there, and there’s some kind of gathering of people. Regular, working-class people. Not really attractive people. They’re all just sitting there, filling this makeshift public forum/waiting room type place. It feels like they’re waiting for some kind of union meeting to start, but nobody who’s supposed to talk has shown up yet. All these people waiting make me forget what I went in there for. For some reason, I take out an iPad, of all things, and start filming the defeated looking faces of this group. After making a 360 degree pan with the iPad, I turn around and leave. As I’m about to exit the building, an asian woman in her 30s comes up and asks me where the DMV is.

And that’s the dream. It’s kinda weird, no?

So anyway, later on I’m going to upload a new radio show to mixcloud, and share it here. Hopefully sometime tonight I’ll actually upload it to the KECG server and it’ll broadcast over the air this weekend.

The Lorax and Metropolis

The Lorax and Metropolis

John Carter and Casa de mi Padre

These are the four films I haven’t reviewed yet. Maybe it was seeing all four in close succession, but I started thinking about how those films are all tied together. For a moment, I had it figured out.

In my head the films paired together in an interesting way, but now that I think about it it’s hard for me to pair all four films like that. The Lorax and Metropolis still share that thread I saw, but I had a thought for how to compare John Carter and Casa de mi Padre, and it has escaped me.

You might say, “Well obviously John Carter is supposed to go with Metropolis. Both are science fiction, and they originate from more comparable eras. They’re both pretty epic.” That’s true, and I would say they probably fit together well enough to pair them up. But that’s not as interesting to me as tying Metropolis with The Lorax. What stuck out to me watching the restored cut of Metropolis is the same thing that stuck out when I saw The Lorax. To me, that’s so interesting that I even came up with a way to compare John Carter with Casa de mi Padre. If only I could remember what that comparison was…

Maybe it’ll come to me, so instead I’ll start with The Lorax and Metropolis.

Once-ler holds The Lorax
That's right, both at the same time.

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Gonna be a long day

Remember when I used to talk about my sleep? Well that’s back.

Sleep report for March 27-28, 2012
Sleep report for March 27-28, 2012

So I’ve been averaging less than 7 hours of sleep every night…maybe that’s not a big deal.

I’m pretty sure I did dream last night, but nothing memorable. The other night I was embarrassed to realize I was dreaming about work. That’s the last thing I want to do. I give those people enough of my time. Gives me an idea, though, for when I finally get sent to the official training–I’ll blog about it. If anyone ever wondered what it’s like to work for the DMV, I’ll let you know, but who knows when they’ll actually send me to training…

As for last night, my sleep was cut a little bit short for two reasons. Both relate to me being a little excited.

Firstly, at ~3 am PST, the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics officially started the 2012 season of Major League Baseball. I didn’t quite make it for the opening pitch, but I did wake up early enough to catch the 6-12th innings. I almost wish I didn’t, though. It was a bit of a disappointing game. Stellar performances from Brandon McCarthy and King Felix, but the A’s couldn’t produce runs when they needed to, and were defeated in the 12th inning. Ichiro had a great night. Or morning. Or however you want to look at it. They do it again tomorrow, this time starting an hour earlier (closer to 2 am). Not sure if I’ll wake up early enough for that one, however, because tonight…

The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary concert comes to San Francisco! I’ve been looking forward to this since they first announced it, and the day is finally here. I brought my camera, hoping to make a video review to share on this website (some day). I also plan to make a new radio show in the next two days based on music from The Legend of Zelda.

And I haven’t forgotten the movie reviews. The Lorax and Metropolis are almost done, I would have posted yesterday but I felt like adding pictures to break up the text. Just gotta do that and those’ll be ready. Then on to John Carter and Casa de mi Padre.

So a lot on my plate today and the rest of the week. Let’s see how many of these goals I can tackle fully in this compressed time/sleep deprived week.

Sunday #7

This week seemed to go by without much happening. Not really a great week for me. Obviously I neglected this blog. I got about 1/4 of the way through the reviews I have to write…and that’s it.

I didn’t bother to bring my computer with me, or leave early enough that bringing it would have mattered anyway. (Someone who likes grammar, tell me if that last sentence was okay, please?) This is a bad habit I need to squash ASAP.

April is right around the corner. Traditionally I make an EdSoft version of worldOne radio for April fools. I wonder if I can pull that off in the next week….

That’ll be my goal. The new radio show, and finish the reviews.

Keep my audience riveted.

So I think I realized recently that, while it’s important to write every day, it’s not that important that I post something everyday.

First of all, who’s actually checking this website everyday? I think the answer is no one. Optimistically, no one yet.

If, by luck, I write something good now, it will only be buried by the daily postings every day from now on. Not sure how to handle this.

It’s very easy to not write. Today I forgot my computer at home, so I’m writing this on my phone. Can you tell? Paragraphs and probably sentences are shorter when I write this way, because it’s that much slower. And the lack of screen real estate makes it look like I’m writing more than I actually am.

Things like websites, or twitter, which I’m not checking as often because I’m working full time, take up more of the time I should be writing. Gotta figure out how to handle this…

Anyways, I will continue to write every day, just don’t be alarmed if there’s not a post every day.

Look forward to a few movie reviews sometime this week.


The other day, I got an email from Corey Mason, director of the worldOne festival, station manager at KECG, and former teacher of mine. I’ll just share the text here:

Dear Evolving Conscious Gruuvers…
A GOOD thing…

We have been invited by Asst. Superintendent Mr. Wendell Greer to make a report and presentation on all things keCg in late April/May  … this will be upbeat and positive… will include pictures and some video, as available (ED!) …

Mase requests the following of you …

  1. Will you you please write a thoughtful paragraph or two about your experience/learning/growing  inside the keCg radio curriculum ?  Bonus points as you may link your comments to higher education/ career preparedness / multiculturalism / media literacy / life-long learning.
  2. Will you please consider attending  that school board meeting (date TBD) to join our cadre of enrollees / completers / graduates who may address the Board personally … present part of our 5 minutes ? It will be a friendly setting, suited and booted … to show our best to Dr. Harter and the Board, to encourage their continued expanding vision and active support/advocacy of keCg / ROP …

Holla Back and please do keep in touch ! BEST …


= ; ) ~

Of course I’m always down to help Corey, especially when it relates to KECG. There’s that shoutout for video, and hopefully, time will permit me to make something good for this presentation.

However, more important than that, the request for the paragraph about my experience at KECG. I guess to really cover that would take more than a paragraph. That’s what I’m gonna do here, and then maybe narrow this down to a paragraph later. Long post after the break.

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Sunday #6

So is that it? 4 weeks of committed posting and I’ve given up already?

No! I can’t succumb to that. I must persist.

I think daylight savings time is the major reason I’ve been flaking the last 2 weeks. Here’s to hoping I can go back to the way it was before this week.

I do have a lot to cover now. In addition to finishing the KECG post, I have now seen 4 movies I haven’t written about yet. For reference, those are Metropolis, Casa de mi Padre, John Carter, and now The Lorax. I have an idea about how to cover those films. Let’s see if I can pull everything off next week.

Another thing that’s happening is I’ve got to process more stuff for Tom in addition to working full time. Will this slow my contributions to my blog? Or will it actually encourage me to write more? We’ll find out soon.

Yo no se

When I finally post the post I’ve been dealing with since last Thursday, people are gonna say ‘That’s it? A week to write and that’s all you got?’

By people, I’m mostly referring to me.

I wonder if I should even post it, at this point. Eh I’ll get to it.

Anyway, last night I saw a preview screening of Casa De Mi Padre – a kind of homage/parody in the spirit of Grindhouse. Sometime this week I hope to give it an EdSoft review. I also saw Metropolis last week, and I should review that as well.

Anyway that’s all for now. Dreary day outside, but we need the rain. Slept in kind of late, and it took me an hour to get here this morning, so I don’t plan on writing much more today. Rain kinda makes me lazy on a subconscious level. Or maybe that’s the sleep schedule doing that. Or maybe I’m just a lazy person in general. That last one is most likely.

Sunday #5

So I’ve been screwing up the last few days, respecting this website. I have wrote a bit, but I didn’t finish it in time to post on Thursday, and then Friday I just blew it anyway.

Regardless, I gotta do better.

Over the weekend, I did do some work on an upcoming presentation to the West Contra Costa Unified School District. We’re going to present the status of KECG and hopefully present it’s value to our community. I also did more work on some Radio EdSoft Films. One is fully done, even!

So while this website suffered a little bit, it wont be that way for long.

Now I just have to figure out how to get through this daylight savings time shift, and finish what I started last Thursday.

See you Tomorrow!