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Sunday #1

So it’s the end of the first week of this blog. I think it went pretty well as far as first weeks go. I do think I need a break from it, at least one day, so I didn’t post anything on Saturday. I also feel like Sunday should be more time to unwind.

But I can’t just abandon the blog for two whole days.

So why not, on Sunday, reflect a bit on how the previous week went? Things I would have liked to do, but didn’t get around to. Things I still have plans to do. Ideas for the coming week. Stuff like that. But I still want to relax. Case in point, I’m writing this from my bathtub.

Posting in the bathtub
I'll try to keep this website worksafe

So let’s get to it.

The biggest thing in my life last week had to have been my starting a new job. Things are somewhat fast-paced at the San Mateo DMV, but my lack of training and experience allows me to ignore that for the most part. Frankly, I don’t like not knowing what to do, so having to ask for help makes me uncomfortable. I can’t wait to start my training so that I’ll actually be useful to the branch. Until then, I guess I’ll have to be satisfied doing ‘easy’ stuff.

I must say, it’s nice to not need to ask permission to go on breaks, or to lunch, or to quit for the day. Live by the clock and don’t worry about anything else. You’re owed that time, and anything extra costs extra. Puts my mind as so much more ease than working freelance web design, or working for a friend on their iPhone application, or working on a film set 16 hours a day or longer.

A recent episode of Inside The Actors Studio with George Clooney gave me hope that not every film set is the tense, dreary, exhausting mess that has been my experience in the industry, but I don’t think I’m cut out to be on the bottom of that ladder. It’s easy for George to say, ‘I never want to work like that,’ but that’s because he’s George Clooney. At the bottom, I had no right to make that statement, so here I am working at the DMV.

I only hope that it’s not an irreversible decision.

What else happened this week? I tried to go to a movie, and failed, but that’s okay, got to have a meal in Japantown instead.

Did some more work for Tom yesterday. His app, fitness buddy, recently upgraded to 2.0 for the iPhone, as well as launched for android, and you can see a lot of my work in that app, photos and videos. For the amount of time I put into it, it’s only fair for me to plug it here. More on that process in the future, maybe.

What did I not do this week? I didn’t really write anything long or serious, it was all train of thought blogging. I reviewed an album, but I’d like to do better than that in the future.

I didn’t post a new radio show, or any real photography. I did post a video, but it was kind of shaky and haphazardly thrown together. I can do better.

I have the house to myself, but instead of using that privacy to make a radio show I’m taking a bath. Not a total loss, but I can’t get into this habit.

For now, the radio shows are probably this website’s best feature, and I haven’t even posted one yet! Not good. I’ll need to get on that.

On a somewhat related note, worldOneradio.org went down this week due to an accounting error. The site was close to being completely redone, and now all that work is gone. Thankfully, I had nothing to do with these problems, but they’re going to be a pain to overcome.

So, coming soon, a new radio show, a hopefully more thought out review, and some photography.

See you tomorrow.