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This is getting harder every day

A high speed chase ended at the exit I use to go to work. I guess, at least, it’s better because it happened in the middle of the night.

Seems like you rarely hear about high speed chases involving Volvos. Apparently the car rolled several times, and the guy survived with minor injuries. I guess if you have to be in a high speed chase, why not do it in one of those excessively safe European cars. Just seems like it’d be embarrassing when they arrest you.

Forgot to bring my laptop today, good thing my phone does most of the tasks I require.

If I’m going to keep coming to this Starbucks every day, I should see about getting one of those gold card things. What’s the deal with that? You have to spend a certain amount? Every month or what?

Speaking of coffee, I’ve always had this problem where caffeine doesn’t quite wake me up or keep me awake. In fact I suspect it even makes me more tired sometimes. What’s up with that? If that is the case, does anybody else recommend any caffeine alternatives? Anybody who recommends 5 Hour Energy is getting stabbed in the eyes.

Sorry if I’m a little cranky. This sleep situation is catching up with me. I’ve always had this problem where I can’t force myself to sleep, especially when it’s important that I do so. Anyone have any tricks for fixing that?

It occurs to me that this whole website is rather self-centered. I guess, to a certain extent, it needs to be, but maybe that doesn’t make for the most interesting posts. Conundrums. I’ll continue to try and improve. At this stage, I think it’s more important that I keep writing regularly than what I actually write about. When I rebuild my writing skills, then I can worry about making posts interesting.

More to come later, for now, I gotta go to work.

What a difference a day makes

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I am ready to close this window and just take a nap…


Must keep at it.

So, as I expected, the first day of work was, well, work. Everybody was really nice, but it’s gonna be tough to sit through this every day. It’s harder because I like to know what I’m doing, but I haven’t been trained yet, and I don’t think I will be trained for some time yet. Enough about that, for now though. It just depresses me.

I got this in an email last night, just as I was trying to go to sleep.



The Manga Flute

I really don’t know what to make of this. Corey sounded very impressed by the BWEO, and even invited them to sing at last year’s festival…but that just looks terrible. Maybe I will give them the benefit of the doubt and go anyway.

Does anyone else feel like giving this one a chance?

And so it begins

Good morning, nonexistent audience!

This is the official day one of my new website. It’s also day one for my new job in San Mateo.

I left home at 6 and I made it to San Mateo in about 35 minutes. Commute was a non-issue at that hour, which is better than I expected. This also gives me an extra half hour to write this morning. The only snag is, this Starbucks I’ve stopped at doesn’t seem to have a functioning wifi connection. I’ll bug them about it in a bit, but maybe the no internet situation will force me to focus more on this writing.

So what shall I write about? It’s Monday, so let’s start with the weekend.

The big news over the weekend was of course the Superbowl. Any chance of me having real interest in the game died two weeks ago when the NY Giants knocked out the SF 49ers in the second round of the playoffs. Football really isn’t my sport anyway, but if the Niners were in it, I might have pretended for a little while. But they weren’t, so who cares who wins or loses.

Traditionally, we go watch the Superbowl with family. We went down to Morgan Hill to watch the game in HD and have a BBQ. Of my generation, cousins Erich and Brooke showed up. We played some cribbage, had some snacks, and generally decided who we were going to root for. I stated that I didn’t like either team, but I knew far fewer people from New England than New York, and Brooke agreed with me. My cousin Erich and pretty much everyone else there decided to take a ‘Screw New York’ attitude, so they were rooting for Brady and his band of losers. Not that it means anything, but when the clock ran out, Brooke and I were more satisfied than everyone else. Good game, though.

As for the commercials, I dunno. Nothing’s really jumping out at me. I had to use the bathroom so I missed the Volkswagen/Star Wars/Dog commercial, so maybe that was good or not, I don’t know. GoDaddy continues to drive away business with their boring, chauvinist commercials. Budweiser tried to class things up with a douchey light club beer (‘Platinum’), and with 2 different period piece commercials. I guess their message was, “After 7 years of prohibition, people would want a drink so bad they’d even settle for Budweiser.” My favorite low-brow commercial was the Doritos “Man’s Best Friend” or whatever it was called ad. It’s the only one that really made me chuckle.

Madona did the best that a grandmother in high heels could do, and the half-time show this year was far more entertaining than last year’s Black Eyed Peas disaster. The technology display in the foreground was interesting, seemed like they were imitating the Chinese Olympics’ opening ceremony, but the thing that made that really amazing (beyond it’s sheer scale) was that there were actually people doing all the work. I was still entertained though.

Overall, good Superbowl.

As first posts goes, this one is probably not that great, but give me some time. I’m out of practice.

Later today, I’ll post my thoughts on the new album Have Some Faith In Magic by Errors. In the mean time, I get to go to work. -_-;;