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Sunday #8

Oh right it’s Sunday.
April 1st at that.

It’s a little too late in the day for me to be coming up with April Fools jokes, but what I do have is this year’s edition of worldOne on Radio EdSoft Films. I think it came out pretty good. Have a listen below (pre-announce version, all music in other words, not ready for terrestrial broadcast but perfect for an internet player).

Last week was pretty packed, now that I think about it. I got my first full month’s paycheck, I went to a wonderful symphony, I posted a nearly 2000 word review of two movies, got some stuff done at the radio station, and I made two radio shows.

Still not satisfied, of course, got a ways to go. I still need to review two more movies, and record the terrestrial versions of these radio shows, with a lot of other KECG related stuff to follow. I missed out on a chance to go to a Warriors game with family. I didn’t get to go swimming, now for two weeks in a row. I had a lazy weekend, doing practically nothing.

But there’s always stuff to look forward to. Baseball returns to the bay area TOMORROW, and I’m going. Just had a nightmare realization that I have no idea how I’m going to park near PacBell Park…

While I’m sharing radio shows, I hope you will listen to this other show too, heavily influenced by the Zelda symphony from last week. I’m really proud of both of the radio edsoft films this week. Please give them a listen. When I get around to recording the announcements, I’ll give them their own posts. Consider this a preview.


The other day, I got an email from Corey Mason, director of the worldOne festival, station manager at KECG, and former teacher of mine. I’ll just share the text here:

Dear Evolving Conscious Gruuvers…
A GOOD thing…

We have been invited by Asst. Superintendent Mr. Wendell Greer to make a report and presentation on all things keCg in late April/May  … this will be upbeat and positive… will include pictures and some video, as available (ED!) …

Mase requests the following of you …

  1. Will you you please write a thoughtful paragraph or two about your experience/learning/growing  inside the keCg radio curriculum ?  Bonus points as you may link your comments to higher education/ career preparedness / multiculturalism / media literacy / life-long learning.
  2. Will you please consider attending  that school board meeting (date TBD) to join our cadre of enrollees / completers / graduates who may address the Board personally … present part of our 5 minutes ? It will be a friendly setting, suited and booted … to show our best to Dr. Harter and the Board, to encourage their continued expanding vision and active support/advocacy of keCg / ROP …

Holla Back and please do keep in touch ! BEST …


= ; ) ~

Of course I’m always down to help Corey, especially when it relates to KECG. There’s that shoutout for video, and hopefully, time will permit me to make something good for this presentation.

However, more important than that, the request for the paragraph about my experience at KECG. I guess to really cover that would take more than a paragraph. That’s what I’m gonna do here, and then maybe narrow this down to a paragraph later. Long post after the break.

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Valentine’s day is for suckers

Or not, I don’t really care. I’ll take candy from you, if you’re offering.

Couple years ago, Valentine’s Day came along and I thought I’d make a radio show about it. This was back when I still used the computer voice. Some day I’ll remaster these shows with my actual voice, better encodes, etc. For now, it’s fine though.

Also in these shows, special guest Tim O’Donnel. He came up with some good bits on the subject. Enjoy them.

First in a series of shows about Love, this one takes the negative viewpoint. Because, love sucks. Right? Features Tim! and Alex Macintosh.

Show #2 in a series of shows about Love, this one takes the positive viewpoint. Because, love is a good thing. Right? Features Tim! and Alex Macintosh.

Show #3 in a series of shows about Love, this one takes the viewpoint that love is only in our heads. Because, what isn’t really. Right? Features Penn Jillette, Hellen Fisher, and Tim! with Alex Macintosh.

Show #4 in a series of shows about Love, this one takes the viewpoint that love is important to world society as a whole. Because, if only we could let more love in and out of our hearts, everything would be better. Right? Features Alex Macintosh.

Mixcloud is where I’m hosting these shows, so you’ll need flash to play them from here. If you’re on an iDevice such as an iPhone or iPad, there is an official mixcloud app.